Thou, Luddite

Section from a larger image. Image PD-1923

“Next time I do a play — no author!” — (Max Bialystock to Leo Bloom in Mel Brooks’ The Producers) Amazon is the king of self-publishing. Millions of books — literally millions — have been sent to them by everyday writers of greater or lesser ability. Amazon has (or should have, IMHO) the text of […]

Creating File-to-File HTML Cross-References in Adobe InDesign Books

You can use Adobe InDesign to output cross-references in both PDF and HTML files and maintain both outputs using the same source material. Adobe InDesign does an exceptional job of helping you create file-to-file cross-references when you prepare a book for export to PDF. InDesign also does a creditable job of automatically outputting an HTML […]

Espiration: Machine creation outside of the mind

four trends in technological development

Inspiration means inhaling the spirit of creativity; expiration ultimately is surrendering that spirit. But what can we call computer-sourced creativity? I call it espiration (e for “out of,” as in E Pluribus Unum). I suppose you could translate espiration — badly — as “out of breath.” We’re not out of breath, yet, but the technological […]

A better horse

Henry Ford is supposed to have said, “If I’d asked people what they wanted, they’d have told me ‘a better horse.’ ” That’s the nature of innovation — and of linear extrapolation. Star Trek (the original series) featured a single computer; now we carry computers around in our pockets. Until someone thinks of it, it […]