Jeff Walden
Jeff Walden

Technical. Writer.

The right words make your product sing.

I’m a freelance technical writer. I help you tell your customers about your product: its value, how to use it, and how to get the most from it. If what you have is a product that’s technical in nature, I’d like to speak with you about it — and I will listen… because really, how else can I learn?

What I do: Technical documentation (APIs, help, user guides. Yes, I can code.) — and marketing materials (data sheets, brochures, mail or email campaigns, Open Innovation packages for in– or out-licensing) — and web content (KB articles, blogs, FAQs, brochureware, HTML/CSS) — and lots more. If you need voice and narration, I have the facilities to do that, too.

Some past and present clients:

“He’s blessed with… a gift for words.”

I had the privilege of working with Jeff for sixteen years. He’s blessed with an ever-present curiosity, an engaging manner and, most importantly for his profession, a gift for words. He was often called to translate the nearly indecipherable text of patents and technical materials into clearly stated value propositions that individuals could digest easily. While participating in interviews with technical staff, he asked his questions with persistence and tact, penetrating into the gist of the invention. Jeff is a most diligent and trustworthy colleague who always delivers beyond expectations.
Phil Stern, Managing Director, Chartline Capital Partners (former CEO, yet2)


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Some types of items I’ve prepared
oil and gas industry document

Sales Materials: Sales and marketing materials take many forms. This is a capabilities paper I created specifically for one company dealing with the oil and gas industry.

cover of PostScript Language Reference Manual

Programmer’s Guides: A programmer’s guide is a more technical cousin of a user guide and tutorial. These can easily be implemented as electronic documents. I worked with senior management and endingeers at Adobe on the PostScript Language Reference Manual, second edition. The book runs 580 pages.

a help system

Help: There are several ways to implement Help systems — as user guides, as tutorials, and as a knowledge base of informative articles. This is part of a Help system I authored for yet2, the first on-line markeplace for technologies and intellectual property.

simple three-fold brochure

Brochures: Every business can use a brochure to explain who we are, what we do and why should you use us? A brochure can be a simple one-color three-fold, like this one — or it can be much more elaborate.

one of the books I've authored

Books: Many companies publish respected industry references or handbooks, corporate histories, or arrange for “third-party” books about their products. I’ve authored several books in addition to the many manuals and other documents I’ve created. You can find me in the Libarary of Congress.

user guide for the 4D database

Classic End-User Guides End-user guides offer “Step 1, Step 2” procedures for operating the product. This is a user guide I wrote for Apple Inc. on behalf of Acius (now 4D SAS).

Open Innovation (OI) Packages: Open Innovation is an exciting new opportunity for monetizing technologies and know-how. You can also use Open Innovation to find and acquire technologies that you may need to complete a project or to bring a new product to market quickly. I’ve arguably found the value proposition and written up as many — or more — of these Open Innovation technologies as anyone on the planet. If this is an area of technology marketing you want to move into, please contact me and let’s discuss your objectives.

Which type of writer do you need?

Startup. Writer.

Licensed under CC3.0. Modified. source: code thunders towards a beta release, when the staff shoulders into 100-hour weeks, and the investors clamor for a firm ship date… that is when one of the junior engineers asks, “Are we planning any help pages?”

Bring in sales materials and documentation earlier than you might think — in cahoots with Marketing, Development, and QA. I’ve done a wide range of writing that startups need — sales literature, articles, press kits, as well as technical docs. I’ve been a magazine editor, so I know what editors want. An early start on documentation is even more important with small staffs or developer-entrepreneurs, who can be too familiar with their product to see what a new user sees.

I’ve freelanced at, and worked for, several startups. I know the schedules and the pressures. I am a mentor for startups with the regional economic development group. I’d love to talk with you about what you need for your new products.

Enterprise. Writer

Licensed under CC3.0. Aspect ratio modified.  Source: company today runs as lean as possible. Major releases stretch the capacity of in-house staffs. With subscription-model software, mobile apps, and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications — all of them updated constantly — there is always a trickle of changes and improvements that need to be captured and explained, but maybe not enough to justify another full-time employee. I can help you there.

Another way I can take some load is by working with your staff to generate supportive product literature, articles, news releases, and a wide variety of other materials that you may need only occasionally. Whatever you’re planning, the odds are I’ve done something very much like it. You benefit by getting up to speed quickly in a cost-effective way.

Open Innovation. Writer.

Original.Open Innovation monetizes a company’s intellectual property assets — patents and other technologies — through licensing or sale.

As Editorial Director for over 16 years for yet2, a top, world-spanning Open Innovation consultancy, I have a great deal of experience in presenting technologies and needs for the Open Innovation marketplace. And not just in one industry: for hundreds of companies in hundreds of industries over thousands of technologies, all different. For big companies and small.

Is your company moving into Open Innovation? Please contact me, and let’s talk about how best to present your technologies for licensing or to articulate your needs in ways that don’t compromise your identity and negotiating position.